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Bliss natural pads

I feel very comfortable this product... very good product ☺️i like this product tq so much bliss natural pads 👌👍

I'm purchasing your products since few months.

Your products are really nice. Really very comfortable to use. And great thing is it's biodegradable which good for natura and for us too.

Super soft and rash free

I feel very comfortable with this product as it is so soft and absorb well without leakages. Thank you bliss


I love ❤️ to use this product.......after using this I felt very itching at all....I prefer everyone to use this....

Excellent Quality and Protection

"I'm very impressed by the excellent quality and protection provided by Bliss Natural pads. They're comfortable, absorbent, and reliable. Great product!"

Excellent Absorbency

"I'm very impressed by the excellent absorbency of Bliss Natural pads. They keep me feeling dry and comfortable all day long. Great product!"

Breathable and Hygienic

"I find Bliss Natural pads breathable and hygienic. They offer superior comfort and keep me feeling fresh all day long. Love them!"

Breathable and Gentle

"Bliss Natural pads are breathable and gentle on the skin. They provide great protection without any discomfort. Highly recommend!"

Effective and Gentle Protection

I've been using Bliss Natural pads for a while now, and I'm impressed by their effectiveness and gentle protection.

Reliable Absorption

"Bliss Natural pads offer reliable absorption and leak protection. They keep me feeling confident and comfortable throughout my period."

Gentle on the Skin

"Bliss Natural pads are gentle on the skin. They don't cause any irritation and provide great comfort. Highly recommend for sensitive skin!"

no leakage issues

I used Bliss sanitary XXXL fluffy pads for the past year now, I am a regular customer I like their night pads very much they contain double adjustable wings and help with leakage problems during the night.

social and environmental

Bliss Organic Pads is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. It feels good to support a brand that shares my values and prioritizes social and environmental responsibility.

Never disappoint

Bliss Natural pads never disappoint! XL Slimmy pads are unmatched in comfort. Highly recommend!

No irritation

No more irritation! Bliss outshines others. Must-try!


Hi Bliss, this napkin is comfortable to use. actually, I searched for many herbal napkins. Finally, I found your video on YouTube and ordered and used it.. seriously this napkin solved my irregular periods.. I suggested these napkins to my younger sister and my cousins, too. thanks for doing this service...👏👏

Super comfortable

Bliss Natural Pads have been my trusted choice for a year now! Their XL Slimmy pads are super comfortable and stand out from the rest. Definitely worth trying!

Comfortable during night

Hi, I and my daughter both are using Bliss. It is very comfortable while traveling. The fluffy pad is very comfortable during the night. Best of luck for your upcoming products.thank you.

Rash Free

I bought XXL size fluffy sanitary pads from bliss...It's very comfortable to use.

very comfortable and soft

It's very comfortable and soft. It keeps us away from rashes and itching. Feeling more safe and hygienic


I have sensitive skin, and these pads have been a game-changer. They are gentle on my skin, preventing rashes and irritation that I've experienced with other products.


I appreciate that these bliss natural pads are fragrance-free. It's refreshing to know I'm not using products with added artificial scents, which can sometimes cause irritation.

comfortable irritation free

Bliss organic pads xl fluffy make me comfortable, irritation-free, and stay away from night stains. Cost also economy so recommending this product happily...