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Rash Free

It is designed to lessen skin irritations on the intimate skin. The materials used to prepare the pad are gentle, ensuring comfort and full protection.

Feathery Soft

The pads have a soft texture inside, giving a comfy feel. It enhances the overall experience, making it pleasant and gentle on the skin.

Chemical Free

The pads are designed without the usage of damaging chemicals preventing adverse reactions and promoting a more natural product.

Made in India

Sanitary pads are designed and manufactured in India, which ensures integrity and supports local manufacturers and materials.

Plant Based

Experience the gentle touch of nature with our plant-based sanitary pads, designed for both you and the planet

3X Absorption

The pads are made to provide effective absorption and protection for an extended period, typically lasting between 6 to 8 hours.

Certified For Comfort and Confidence.

Expert Advice for Optimal Feminine Hygiene


Krupa shared her experience with Bliss Natural—soft, comfortable, and eco-safe.


Bliss natural sanitary pads are recommended by Dr. Sharmika for rash-free protection.

Dr. Sonal parihar

Recommended for their organic nature, offering relief from allergies and rashes.

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Raving Reviews from Satisfied Customers

It's really safe and soft

"I stumbled upon these naturally made pads, which are so much comfortable and give a free experience. I am impressed by its soft materials. "

Keshni Rajesh


"On my recent trip, I used these pads and they made the trip so seamless causing no discomfort or rashes. It was a lifesaver for me on the trip. "


The product is very good,

"I finally found the perfect menstrual pads! It feels like it is custom-made for me coming for me different flow capacities and natural materials. "


Blissful non periods

"These are naturally made pads in India align with my commitment to supporting sustainable and ethical products. They are a must-try product."

Abi Nakshathra

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