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Buy Organic Sanitary Pads -  XL Fluffy-Jumbo (34 Pads) - Bliss Pads

Buy Organic Sanitary Pads - XL Fluffy-Jumbo (34 Pads) - Bliss Pads

Product description
Product description


  • Layers: Bliss Organic sanitary pads are made entirely of Organic Cotton pulp along with Kenaf, Bamboo Nonwovens as Top Sheet, and Starch Based Bioplastics as Bottom Layer. No chemicals are added as fragrances or Absorbents to ensure your direct contact with the biodegradable Sanitary pad is safe and secure.
  • Types: Bliss Natural 100% organic cotton, Kenaf Based Biodegradable sanitary pads are available in Two types- Fluffy Pads and Slimmy Pads. Fluffy Pads are Regular cushiony Sanitary pads and Slimmy Pads are Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads.
  • Package: A Pack contains XL 36 individually wrapped 100% organic Sanitary pads. These pads are packed in a bio-plastic cover making them not just safe for you but also for the environment.
  • Degradability: Bliss Organic pads start degrading in 6-12 months in a composting facility.
  • Certifications: 1. Bureau of Indian standards certified 2. First time in India, FDA approved sanitary pads 3. Biobased Certified as per ASTM Standards.
  • Order Limit.: There is no order Limit on
  • Bulk orders: Please Contact 9487843699/ 0422-3510122
  • Note: If you don't receive your shipment within 15 days then please inform us immediately so that we can resolve the issue and give you better service. Complaints after 15 days won't be entertained.

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Krupa shared her experience with Bliss Natural—soft, comfortable, and eco-safe.


Bliss natural sanitary pads are recommended by Dr. Sharmika for rash-free protection.

Dr. Sonal parihar

Recommended for their organic nature, offering relief from allergies and rashes.

Customer Reviews

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Aisha G.
Reliable Absorption

"Bliss Natural pads offer reliable absorption and leak protection. They keep me feeling confident and comfortable throughout my period."

Organic and Plant based

Very good product it was organic and plant based you guys have to try must very helpfull for all the women on their periods.

comfortable and economic friendly

This is really a safer and easier pad to go. After using this one, I am sure you will not be okay with the others. So, it is definitely a comfortable and economical one to use.

vikneswari b.
eco friendly

Bliss Natural pads are very comfortable and user-friendly. I could feel the difference between other pads and bliss natural pads. I sensed a cooling effect while using them, and moreover, there are no chemicals added for fragrance or color which gives me a big relief. It would be nice if eco-friendly diapers were made available in the near future.

Dhana L.
very comfortable

Very Comfortable to Use
I love the product
Congratulations Bliss Natural Pads ☺️
Keep rocking