Bliss Underarm Sweat Pads | Odor free

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Bliss Underarm Sweat Pads | Odor free

Bliss Underarm Sweat Pads | Odor free

Product description
Product description

Bliss Underarm sweat pads

Bliss Sweat Pads are simple garment liners that work as a sweat barrier, trapping sweat and preventing Sweat stains on your clothes, as well as stink and humiliation for you. These pads are suited for any clothes.

  • Ultra-thin sweat pads
  • Sweat and stain-free
  • odor-free
  • Breathable


Bliss Sweat Pads are made to be slid between your underarm and your garment without being noticeable or uncomfortable.


Due to the material's composition, which consists entirely of non-woven and dust-free paper, these are extremely absorbent. As a result, the pads efficiently trap in sweat, preventing it from ruining your clothes.

Soft and rash free

These sweat pads were created with the underarm area's sensitivity in mind. As a result, they are made of an extremely soft material that provides no rashes and maximum comfort.


  • Made of 100% natural raw materials so it is safe and hygiene to use
  • Free from rashes, itching, and irritation
  • Super soft and skinny fit so you don’t even feel you are wearing sweat pads
  • Absorbs leakage quickly and gives you extreme freshness
  • Easily disposable and biodegradable

Note: Before washing the pads, take them from the clothes. In addition, the pads are only meant to be worn over garments and should never be used on the body.

Expert Advice for Optimal Feminine Hygiene


Krupa shared her experience with Bliss Natural—soft, comfortable, and eco-safe.


Bliss natural sanitary pads are recommended by Dr. Sharmika for rash-free protection.

Dr. Sonal parihar

Recommended for their organic nature, offering relief from allergies and rashes.

Customer Reviews

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Padmapriya V.

Bliss Underarm Sweat Pads | Odor free

Rashmita T.

Bliss Underarm Sweat Pads | Odor free

Unrivaled Underarm Freshness.

I've struggled with underarm sweat for years, but these sweat pads have truly changed the game for me. They provide long-lasting protection without causing any irritation or discomfort. I'm so grateful to have found them.

Say Goodbye to Underarm Sweat Woes.

I've been using these sweat pads for a few weeks now, and I'm amazed by how well they work. They keep me dry and odor-free all day long, even in the hottest weather. I highly recommend them.

Stay Dry, Stay Confident.

Since using these sweat pads, I've regained my confidence and self-esteem. I no longer have to worry about underarm sweat ruining my clothes or my day. Thank you for creating such an amazing product.