Bliss Natural Organic Adult Diaper Pants | High Absorbency, Leak Proof Protection | Pack Of 2

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Plant Based
Scientically Proven Herbs
Bliss Natural Organic Adult Diaper Pants | High Absorbency, Leak Proof Protection | Pack Of 2

Bliss Natural Organic Adult Diaper Pants | High Absorbency, Leak Proof Protection | Pack Of 2

Product description
Product description
  • Organic Adult Diaper : This Adult Diaper Pants are free of chemicals, plastic, and rashes. It's Natural plant based diapers keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Layers : This rash free adult diaper are made with 3 unique layers for rapid maximum absorption, This Pull up pants are made with kenaf fiber, bamboo nonwovens for the top sheet, and starch-based bioplastics for the bottom layer.
  • Size & Usage : This pack have adult diaper large Size Pack of 2, this diapers used for Heavy to Maximum flow and overnight flow. Additionally, they work well for long-distance travel panty like fit.
  • 5x Absorption : This diaper's have 5x more super absorption and gives a super comfort. Giving our customers the highest possible standards of quality and safety has always been a priority for us.
  • We are certified : Certified by the Bureau of Standards, FDA approved, ASTM Standards certified. This adult diaper are completely biodegradable.

    Expert Advice for Optimal Feminine Hygiene


    Krupa shared her experience with Bliss Natural—soft, comfortable, and eco-safe.


    Bliss natural sanitary pads are recommended by Dr. Sharmika for rash-free protection.

    Dr. Sonal parihar

    Recommended for their organic nature, offering relief from allergies and rashes.

    Customer Reviews

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    Worth of money

    I recently switched to using an Bliss natural organic pad, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The quality is outstanding – it's incredibly soft and comfortable, providing excellent coverage without feeling bulky. I appreciate the peace of mind knowing that it's made from natural, chemical-free materials, which is much healthier for my body and the environment. The absorbency is impressive, keeping me dry and secure throughout the day and night. Plus, the packaging is eco-friendly, aligning perfectly with my sustainable lifestyle. I highly recommend these organic pads to anyone looking for a healthier, more comfortable alternative!

    Very Absorbent and Comfortable

    Very absorbent and comfortable. These diapers provide great protection and are perfect for heavy flow.

    Great for Day and Night Use

    These diapers are versatile enough for both day and night use. They offer comfort and protection around the clock.

    Great Quality and Fit

    Great quality and fit. These diapers are highly absorbent and provide excellent protection against leaks.

    Highly Absorbent and Leak-Proof

    I'm impressed by the absorbency and leak-proof design of these diapers. They provide reliable protection day and night.