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Hair Fall Post COVID-19,R Treatments, and Natural Remedies at Home

Hair Fall Post Covid | Natural Remedies
Hair fall | Natural Remedies for hair fall

Covid-19 affects the immune system is the main reason for hair fall post covid-19. Most of the people affected in a second wave are facing a lot of hair fall. These people had a high viral load and over stress that can lead the hair fall even post recovering from covid-19. Hair fall is normal after having a fever or other illness but six to nine months in your life cycle the hair will regrow.

Corona virus is the largest common RNA virus. It causes the infection of your sinuses, nose, or upper throat. Most of them are not dangerous with mild symptoms; they can be treated symptomatically but killed a lot of people because they cause respiratory failure.

Many people are infected by a coronavirus in their lives but symptoms are mild to moderate in other people, the viruses can cause lower-respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Corona virus affects the respiratory system in people, so the various symptoms observed like fever, body pain, cough, cold, difficulty to breathe, kidney problem, headache, running nose, throat pain people had different symptoms to identify the virus.

A few months after recovering from the virus, many people notice hair loss. People think of their hair loss and it is actually called hair shedding. The medical name is telogen effluvium.

Reasons For Hair Fall Post Covid-19?

It’s temporary don’t panic

1. Stress

The virus can affect the whole body but it seems like stress from lack of oxygen level to the hair follicles, the illness and stress on the body can push to hair loss. COVID-19 people who are hospitalized 6 months after infection experience the most common problems like muscle weakness, depression, sleep problems,s and also 22% of people suffered hair loss.

2. Diets

Diet is very important and mainly vitamin D and iron are nutrients that are helpful to stimulate the hair follicles and increase hair regrowth but during the covid-19, people experience a lack of energy in their body- this is a common reason for hair fall after recovering the covid-19.

3. Drugs

Covid-19  people had a lot of symptoms like cough, joint pain, breathing trouble, cold, cough, and chest pain they were forced to take powerful drugs to recover from covid-19. The chemical changes in your body are the main cause of the hair fall post-covid-19.

4. Nutritional deficiency

Nutritional deficiency impacts both hair structure and hair regrowth. It is necessary to test the nutrient deficiency for people to prevent hair loss and over-supplementation of certain nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium can be linked to hair loss.

5. Other medical conditions

The normal hair loss is between 50 to 100 hairs a day. The new hair will be Automatically replaced by the lost hair. But some medical conditions trigger permanent hair loss which includes thyroid disease, scalp infections, PCOS, body overweight, etc. People who already had these medical conditions combined with Covid-19 suffered tremendous Hair fall.

6. Lifestyle

During The Pandemic, Peoples’ lifestyles have totally changed like the sleeping circle, food habits, working time, mental depression, social actives, financial issues, negative impact, fear which are also some of the main reasons to causes hair fall.

Treatments and Natural Remedies for Hair Fall Post Covid-19?

Everyday habits can control hair fall. Practicing a good habit takes a long way and gives you the right type of hair that you desire. 

What is the right way to prevent my hair fall?

1. Regular Hair Washing

Washing your hair daily is more important and healthy to control hair-fall. Your hair should be clean from bacteria and fungus and it is the right way to maintain hygiene. At least make sure to wash your hair thrice a week using a hair fall shampoo and finding the best conditioner.

2. Hair massage

Hair massage is the best way to improving blood circulation hence it’s a healthy way to stop hair fall before it can take over and its shows the results of regrowth of your hair, relieves your stress, and newly comes the baby hair using good products.

3. Fermented Rice water

Fermented rice water is the best remedy for all types of hair its vitamin-rich contains repairs the damaged hair cells and reduces hair fall and makes your hair string with antioxidants. It is found to have a lot of benefits over hair fall

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be used by all age groups and all types of hair. It treats various hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, scalp problem. You can apply Aloe Vera to your hair with various healthy ingredients.

5. Onion

Onion contains Sulphur that helps the hair healthy and you can use onion juice, onion oil, onion shampoo and conditioners, and some other hair masks.

6. Eggs

Eggs contain proteins that help to reduce hair fall and look your hair shiny. Egg white gives smoothness to your hair. Egg with various ingredients like aloe Vera, lemon, honey, olive oils is one of the best remedies for hair fall after covid-19 treatment.

7. Amla

It is a source of vitamin c and it helps to strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall, which part of your healthy diet and voluminous hair.

Everyone has a different hair type and texture and these are some home remedies that are proven methods to reduce hair falls.

8. Vitamin B

Vitamin B contains red blood cells which carry on oxygen and nutrients to the scalps and hair follicles. it has a healthy hair regrowth atmosphere. Foods rich in Vitamin B are nuts, seafood, and leafy. vegetables.

9. Vitamin C

Vitamin helps to play a big role in healthy hair, nails, and skin. It makes hair healthy and regrows and also body absorbs iron and boosts your hair growth. Kiwi, Oranges, Grapefruit helps hair growth.  

10. Vitamin E

It has natural antioxidants that benefit your hair growth in one of the ways and it reduces hair split ends and level of oxidative stress. Vitamin E helps prevent your scalp problem. Sunflower seed, almonds, and other foods rich in Vitamin E can reduce Hair Fall.

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