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Why You Switch to Natural and Organic Sanitary Pads?

why you should switch to natural and organic sanitary pads | Bliss blogs
why you should switch to natural and organic sanitary pads | Bliss blogs

Most girls in India use the sanitary pads suggested by their mom or sister and never look back. Being a taboo topic, girls hesitate and feel embarrassed to discuss the available choices and with less awareness, they don’t find the courage to switch their menstrual hygiene products. But, thanks to the internet, women are now empowered with the necessary knowledge and awareness of the abundant options of sanitary pads that are available in the market.

The world is turning organic sanitary pads brands are also following the trails. But whether you should switch from conventional plastic-made sanitary pads to natural organic sanitary pads, has to be your choice.

What are Organic and Natural Sanitary Pads?

The Organic are made from plant fibres such as kenaf, corn, bamboo, wood, or jute pulp. The natural pads contain an absorbent cellulose core that keeps you dry during menstruation and has a soft top layer that lets your skin breathe.

These organic pads are free from plastics, chlorine, latex, or carcinogenic materials; because of this they are safe and cause no harm to the most sensitive vaginal area of the women’s body. Since they are free from plastics and other chemicals, they are easily compostable, contributing to a greener and plastic-free earth.

So, What Are the Conventional Sanitary pads Made of?

The sanitary pads have dramatically evolved over the years from being bulky to thin, and now ultrathin, with wings, adhesive, leak-proof layer, etc. Likewise, the ingredients used in the sanitary pads also changed from cotton to superabsorbent gel, feel-dry non-woven plastic layer, and plastic back-sheet as the leak-proof layer. 

Apart from these, the following are the chemicals that go into sanitary pads manufacture:

  1. Chlorine: The sanitary pads are made to look white by bleaching them in chlorine. This gives them their pure white and clean appearance. The bleaching procedure creates Dioxin, which is a highly toxic pollutant.
  2. Rayon: A synthetic fibre derived from wood pulp, cheaper than cotton and enhances the absorption capacity in pads. But it is harmful to the softer skin of women.
  3. Glyphosate: Cancer-causing pesticide, yes you read it correct! Most of the pads are tested positive for this chemical, as it can stay on the cotton for long after it has been harvested. 
  4. Fragrances: The sanitary napkins now come with odor neutralizers and artificial fragrances, which can enter the bloodstream causing side effects, allergies, and other reactions.

The disposable pads that claim themselves as cottony soft pads aren’t made of cotton. This horror truth hit the nail on our heads to look for healthier, comfortable, and eco-friendly alternatives.

Below are the 5 reasons why you should switch from conventional and biodegradable organic sanitary pads:

1. A Safe and Hygienic Menstruation

The chemicals present in the normal napkin are highly toxic to the most absorbent part of your body, the vagina. The top layers are very soft when compared to the conventional sanitary pads in which top layers are made of synthesized plastics. Hence the organic sanitary pads keep your vagina free from rashes, irritation, and skin allergies. The risk of getting an infection due to the bacteria is very less when using these natural pads.

And also, the organic pads are made of plant-based ingredients permitting a better flow of air, which allows the trapped heat and moisture to evaporate. Owing to this reason, your sensitive vaginal skin can breathe easily.

2. Environment friendly

A single ordinary pad is equivalent to four plastic bags and it takes a minimum of 800 years to decompose. On average 12.3 billion sanitary napkins are disposed causing pollution and harm to the soil of our earth. 

Whereas, the organic pads are free of plastics and made from natural ingredients like kenaf fibres, cotton, corn, and bamboo, etc., and they are easily biodegradable. The organic and natural sanitary pads decompose within 2 months to 2 years, which brings an effective and positive change in building an eco-friendly sustainable environment.

3. Free from harmful chemicals

Polyolefins present in conventional sanitary pads are responsible for irritation in your skin. Also, Dioxin, a by-product of the bleaching process worsens the damage. To avoid health issues, choosing the organic alternative is the better solution recommended by gynaecologists, as these pads do not cause allergies and are also rash-free. 

The natural substances present in the organic sanitary pads make them soft, cushiony, and highly comfortable for wearing the same.

4. Help farmers and animals

The farmers who provide raw materials required for the manufacturing of these sanitary pads, grow them organically without using any harmful pesticides or herbicides. This protects their land from the health impacts of dangerous chemicals so that they remain fit for growing crops. 

Since insecticides are not used in organic farming, birds, insects like bees, and butterflies are protected from unintended and unnecessary harm. This increases the pollination and also, the population of the insects. So, if you wish to have fertile earth, it is wise to choose organic sanitary pads.

5. Reasonable price

There is a misconception that natural sanitary pads are highly priced and unaffordable for middle-class people. But that is not true. Despite all the benefits, the organic pads are available at a much reasonable price, after all, spending on a healthier, comfortable, and eco-friendly option is a good bet when it also contributes to a safe and green environment.

Why Bliss Naturals is the Best Organic Sanitary pads in India?

  • Bliss Natural Pads are made out of Kenaf fibre extracted from the stem of the plant Gongura Greens. This fibre acts as an absorbent and has natural anti-microbial properties.
  • Bliss Pads are herbal pads and are very resistant to mildew and rot. Therefore, they are very soft, light-weight, comfortable, and provide a rash-free menstrual experience.
  • Since Bliss Pads are made with plant-based components, they are biodegradable and take only six months to decompose. Switch to bliss pads for a better and sustainable environment.
  • Being the organic sanitary pad, bliss natural pads are free from plastics and chemicals. Deodorants and artificial fragrances are avoided to ensure irritation-free periods.
  • Good menstrual hygiene should be available to all women irrespective of their status. Bliss Pads are the only organic pads in India that are available at a very cheaper price of Rs.99 for a pack of 12 herbal sanitary pads.

Message from Bliss Naturals

The arrival of organic and natural sanitary pads is the new beginning and a bold change towards healthy, hassle-free menstruation. Why think when you get so many benefits not only for your body but also for the environment? Choose biodegradable Bliss Pads and make this period a healthy one for you and our earth!

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