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What Is The Importance Of Panty Liner And Its Use ?

Bliss Panty Liner

A panty liner is similar to a sanitary pad or a sanitary napkin, but it’s lighter and thinner, and it’s not designed to absorb a lot of blood during your period. It can absorb daily vaginal discharge, post-intercourse discharge, and light menstrual blood flow. It should not be used in heavy period days

Panty Liners are useful for a various of reasons.

Intimate Hygiene is important

 It’s natural to have vaginal discharge at any time of day. It can make you feel wet and uneasy, especially when you’re working out. Bliss Natural pantyliner keeps your underwear fresh and clean all day.Changing your pantyliner every 3-5 hours is also a good idea.

To arrest light incontinence

Light Urinary Incontinence is a kind of stress incontinence.Incontinence is the inability to control when urine passes through the urethra. While laughing or jumping, stress incontinence might occur. It’s also very common after childbirth, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. The use of pantyliners can help prevent these leaks.. They work as a dry and light padding for light Urinary Incontinence.

For the Lighter Period Days

Panty liners can be used for light period flows, like last days of your period or the ones leading up to it. They provide suitable protection without making you feel uncomfortable.

Absorb Postpartum Flow 

Panty liners can help new mothers control their postpartum flow. Light postpartum flow is usual in the first few weeks after giving birth.

When Should You Use Panty Liner?

Now that we’ve discussed how Pantyliners help with hygiene, let’s look at when they should be used:

  1. Put them on immediately before your period: This will aid you by stopping the first blood flow while also making you feel more at ease because panty liners aren’t as heavy as pads.
  1. After your period, use Pantyliner : Vaginal discharge is particularly common during ovulation. Once your menstruation is finished, you can protect yourself by wearing Pantyliners.
  2. Keep a few in your handbag if you don’t discharge frequently: When a youngster is going through puberty, he or she will notice changes such as the development of a chest, growth spurts, other physical changes, mood swings, and so on, this can be incredibly useful. Pantyliners can also help because periods can be erratic during this time. Panty liners are small enough to put in your wallet and can come in handy at any time.

Before you put on pantyliners, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly before putting on a panty liner. You should wash the pantyliner again after wearing it.
  2. If you want to avoid getting a vaginal infection or irritation, choose unscented pantyliners. Unscented pantyliners can also help you maintain good vaginal hygiene.
  3. You can change your pantyliner every 4-5 hours. This will help to prevent infection.
  4. Even though many women do not experience any discomfort while sleeping with a pantyliner, it is not advised.However, the reason why pantyliners should not be used when sleeping is so that the skin can breathe correctly.
  5. Pantyliners should not be worn during prolonged periods of exertion.They are unprepared to deal with a large amount of menstrual flow.
  6. If you have sensitive skin, look for pantyliners composed entirely of natural ingredients.They’re soft enough to use every day, and they won’t bother your vaginal area.

Message from Bliss Pads

Wearing pantyliners every day may raise your risk of getting a vaginal yeast infection, particularly if you experience symptoms like burning, itching, or thick discharge.While this information may be disconcerting, keep in mind that feminine hygiene products are generally safe.. They can only hurt you if you use them for a long time. To ensure optimal vaginal hygiene, panty liners must be replaced every few hours, just as pads must be changed every few hours. Furthermore, if you plan to sleep with panty liners, they should be changed before going to bed. They should also not be worn for more than one day at no cost.

The Bliss Natural Panty Liners are made of 100% natural ingredients and biodegradable. They have no added chemicals and keep your skin safe and healthy. bliss liners are also super soft and ultra thin, which makes them ideal for all-day comfort. Make an informed selection when selecting a product for your personal hygiene. Select the one that does not expose your body to harmful substances. Organic products are best to use.