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Exercise During Periods- Know the Top 6 Reasons

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Exercise can be more important to you and your menstruation cycle. It helps to regulate your period cycle and period flow, which also may equate to less cramping and lighter periods. Some women are stopping their exercise during their periods but really there is no reason to stop your exercise.

The various studies can prove that exercise during the period or similar fitness activities helps to relieve pain, stress and also increase your energy levels.

Benefits Of Exercising On Your Periods

The period is a difficult time from a hormonal standpoint. Progesterone and estrogen are at their lowest during the length of the period phase of the menstrual cycle which can make women feel tired and less energetic and skipping exercise is not going to save energy or make them feel better. Instead of stopping all activity during the period., use this opportunity to try some new workouts.

Exercise can help to improve energy and also reduce stress, stress is known to sometimes amplify period cramps. so, by using exercise to relieve stress, you will be able to alleviate some cramping. It increases blood flow and can also help ease period cramps. 

Some women are bothered by period cramps and pain every month. If you find yourself skipping to work, feeling lazy, sleeping for a day, you are certainly not alone. If you can tolerate it, please do exercise regularly and also during periods .

Top Reasons For Exercise During Period

  1. Helps in PMS

The premenstrual symptoms can be of some affair every month before the period. It can affect your daily routine by causing emotional disturbances, mood swings, sleepless problems, concentration issues, and also may make you feel lazy. You may experience bloating, fatigue, and food cravings.

Exercise helps with these problems and reduces the pain during the period. Some kind of exercise like swimming, walking, jogging, cycling, etc.It can help to overcome depression, stress and fatigue.

  1. Reduces Cramps

Exercise helps to reduce period pain and period cramps by improving blood circulation. It can also improve and hasten the process of the shedding of the endometrial lining. You must notice a flow of blood after an exercise, especially if you have concerts like spotting. Exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes.

  1. Regularizes the cycle

If you have an irregular period cycle and are often unaware of your dates, exercise during the period may help. Workout during periods helps regularise your period cycle and get your period calendar also important. Aerobic exercises are most preferable to regular period

  1. Experiences more strength 

It is most common to feel lazy and low energy during the period and want to stick to your bed. Workouts during the period help you energize the day. So you don’t miss anything for a period of days.

Exercise will improve the muscles to release more energy. This energy comes from a molecule called Adenosine Triphosphate. It enriches oxygen and nutrients and helps gain strength and power due to the low level of female hormones.

  1. Enhances your mood

The level of stress hormone cortisol increases during periods due to exertion. Exercise can reduce the level of cortisol in your blood and improve your mood and it will control your period moods like agitation, Crankiness, and period blues.

  1. Combats painful periods

If you have a painful period called dysmenorrhea, It’s very uncomfortable that time of the month But the good news is that exercise such as light walking may help to decrease the pain

Yoga and Pilates

The two or three days on period is a correct time to engage in the activities like yoga, It can help to relax your body and potentially reduce symptoms like cramping, muscular fatigue, and soreness

If you did not experience any discomfort from period days, feel free to continue with your regular exercise. It’s just mind-free of the adjustment your body makes during the period of time. Suppose, If you find your body is not performing like usually does, give yourself a break and ease up on the intensity

Prevention Of Injury

Avoiding injury at the gym during the periods by not overdoing it. When you feel too tired take breaks as required. It may be a good idea not to do heavy workouts during periods. Ensure warm-up before exercising and rehydrate yourself. 

Message From Bliss Pads

It is beneficial to exercise during periods. The first day of your period up to two weeks later is the best time to gain your strength. It helps to stay hydrated, gives energy, and more strength to overcome stress. Don’t do over workouts during your periods. In case of any abnormality in your body please consult your doctor. Have a happy period.

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