Sex during pregnancy : is it Safe?

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So many questions, concerns along with discomfort and exhaustion. Is having sex during pregnancy safe? The answer is Yes! It is completely safe.

Pregnancy is a gift for the love of a couple. It is a beautiful feeling for the expecting parents to know their gift will soon grow into a little human with tiny fingers and toes.

There are so many things to anticipate, from morning sickness, doctor’s appointment, scans, back pain and swollen ankles to the pain of delivery and yet these do not stop the parents in wanting the best for their baby. 

Couples often wonder whether they can have physical intimacy when they are pregnant. Will having sex harm their little one? Will their physical love cause miscarriage?

However, for many women the sexual desires change during the time of pregnancy. Some may feel off and do not want to have sex. Some may feel strong sexual desire due to the hormonal changes.

These sudden changes of sexual drive are completely normal.

Sex During Pregnancy is safe

Sex is completely safe, when you have a normal pregnancy. Normal pregnancy is where there are no complications of preterm labor and miscarriages. But it is always better to receive a green signal from your doctor before you assume it on your own.

For some women sex during the gestation period will feel totally different from what they would have experienced before. It may be an enjoying experience for some expecting mothers. Because of the engorged genitals some expecting mothers will experience an increase in sensitivity causing more intense orgasms. Others can hate it so much because of the uneasiness and discomfort due to their large belly.

Love making during pregnancy times can be a relief for the carrying mothers from a lot of stress and provide a good night’s sleep. Below are some of the many other awesome benefits associated with sex during pregnancy.

1. Increased affection between the couples

During the expecting period both mother and father will have a lot on their minds. But mostly fathers are the ones who will be more anxious and will feel left out in most of the things. Having regular sex increases oxytocin, a hormone which induces love and bonding. This ensures an improved relationship with your partner and also fills your exciting time with lots of love.

2. Easy vaginal delivery

Because of the intense orgasms pelvic floor muscles contract and the muscles are strengthened. Having frequent sex during the third trimester keeps these muscles toned and open the cervix. This may induce labor aiding in easy vaginal delivery and reducing the chance of using external tools to bring the baby out.

3. Decrease in blood pressure

Relieving stress makes the entire body and mind go into a relaxed state. This will result in a decrease in blood pressure for some amount of time. Preeclampsia can be serious for both mother and baby, so it is very important to consult your doctor and gain permanent cure.

4. Less bathroom visits

When the little one grows bigger and bigger, he or she may put a lot of pressure on the bladder resulting in frequent bathroom visits. Even sneezing or laughing can result in leakage and embarrassment. But the strengthened pelvic floor muscles caused due to frequent sex, regulates the flow of urine resulting in less bathroom trips.

5. Increased blood circulation

It is very important for both mother and the baby to get required blood supply and oxygen. Having sex releases many hormones which in turn aids in additional supply of oxygen and nutrition to the fetus. This helps in the growth and development of the baby.

6. Intense Orgasms

With the release of two important hormones, estrogen and progesterone, women may feel more sensitive and aroused. This helps them achieve longer and stronger orgasms.

7. Improves self-confidence

Women experience an emotional roller coaster during their pregnancy. There is a lot to take in and so much to prepare. There are also so many physical changes in their body which makes them think they are less attractive. But love making can improve their self-esteem and develop a positive attitude about themselves.

8. Ease of postpartum recovery

Since having sex strengthens the pelvic muscles which are responsible for birth, engaging in love making speeds up the recovery process.

9. Boosts immunity

Researches say that frequent sex activity can increase the level of IgA antibodies which increases immunity and also provides resistance to seasonal cold and flu. Ensuring expecting mother’s immunity in turn ensures a healthy baby and easy delivery

Even though there are many benefits of having sex during pregnancy, the couples should reconsider if they have the following conditions:

  1. Women should be careful in choosing their partners. If their partners have STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease), both mother and fetus can be infected with potentially dangerous diseases.
  2. The dad to be should be very careful when indulging in oral sex. Blowing air into the vagina can cause blockage of the blood vessels by an air bubble. This condition is called air embolism and it is very dangerous for mother and child.
  3. Even though having sex cannot harm the baby, it is best to avoid it when the women are at risk of miscarriage or have history of pre-term labor.
  4. We all know that the fetus is well protected by an amniotic sac. But some women have a ruptured amniotic membrane and they should avoid having sex.
  5. It is best avoiding sex when women have Placenta previa. It is a condition in which the placenta is so low covering the cervix, the opening of the uterus.
  6. It is advised not to have sex when the couple are having multiple fetuses (twins, triplets etc.)
  7. Do not engage in physical activity when you have an unexplained vaginal bleeding and cramps.
  8. Doctors may advice you not to have sex to women having short cervix or cervical incompetence.

Always it is best to consult your gynecologist if you’re unsure whether you can have sex or when you find unusual symptoms.

 Don’t hold yourself if you feel like relaxing. But if you wish not to have sex, it is always good to share your needs with your partner. After all, sex is not the only way for intimacy!

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