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Pregnancy Journey: Tips for an Easy 9 months

Pregnancy Journey: Tips for an easy 9 months | Bliss Blogs

Hurrah! You see those two pink lines on the pregnancy test and your joys find no bounds. At the same time, you feel nervous and extra cautious to safeguard the precious baby growing inside your womb. A woman experiences a lot of challenges both physically and mentally, which can be tiring and overwhelming. Along with the excitement, the expecting mothers will have a lot of questions, wonder what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming nine months.

Pregnant women should take care of themselves, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly for a stress-free pregnancy. Besides these, there are some tips which can help the carrying mothers to have a healthy pregnancy and provide knowledge on how to prepare themselves for this wonderful journey.

Pergnancy Month 1 – Folic Acid

  • Visit your gynecologists’ to verify your pregnancy and to make sure there are no abnormalities.
  • If you are not taking any supplements already, it is not late to start with Folic Acid. Folic increases the chances of having a 100% healthy pregnancy and reduces the risk of defects or abnormalities in the growing baby.
  • Your ob-gyn might suggest additional supplements like vitamins or iron on top of the folic acid.
  • You should start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried items and include steamed foods for easy digestion and make sure to drink lots of water.
  • Morning sickness can be exhausting, eat small, and frequent meals to deal with it. You can also use ginger to settle your stomach.
  • Sleep when you can! You still have plenty of time to be deprived of sleep. So, get some rest and it is ok to sleep when you are tired.

Month 2 – Nausea and Loss of Appetite

  • The serious nausea trouble kicks in at the second month of the pregnancy. It is absolutely normal to have these symptoms, however, it can affect the daily activities of your life.
  • You can try including bland food in order to lessen the symptoms of nausea. Many pregnant women nibble on dry crackers to maintain a healthy eating habit even with the loss of appetite.
  • If nausea or vomiting makes you very exhausted and uncontrolled, your ob-gyn will prescribe anti-nausea medication to you.
  • During this period, the doctors will do prenatal tests. It is a crucial part of the pregnancy journey, so do not miss them.
  • Also, this is the moment when you have to plan your finances and verify the insurance plans.

Month 3 – Wear Supportive Bras

  • Your breasts will grow in size and become tender and sensitive. So, you should buy comfortable and supportive bras to avoid constant fatigue.
  • The body of the pregnant woman undergoes hormonal changes in the first trimester which can lead to frequent mood swings and backaches.
  • The expecting mothers are also more prone to dental issues like inflamed gums and gingivitis. So, book an appointment with your dentist to check your teeth and get them cleaned.
  • Preparation is everything, so check the maternity leave policy at work beforehand. This might save you a lot of worries at the last minute.
  • Doing ultra-sound scans to learn the sex of the baby is illegal in India. Even if you are curious wait for another 7 months to know whether you are having a princess or a prince.

Month 4 – Execute your Travel Plans

  • The first trimester is over and your morning sickness and aversion to food would have started to fade. You might feel a lot better during this period.
  • If your pregnancy is progressing well and if you have any travel plans, this is the right time to execute them. Make sure to get approval from the ob-gyn you are visiting before booking the tickets.
  • It is a good time to announce the good news to your friends and family. You can also inform your colleagues and managers and get their support on this incredible ride.
  • Make a healthy routine for yourself and include exercises at least three times per week. Do not over-push, but make sure your body is getting light exercises.
  • After the fourth month your bump will start growing, so start shopping for maternity clothes.
  • Pregnant women might also feel itching sensations around their belly, so moisturizing creams can be used to relieve themselves from those symptoms.

Month 5 – Pay Attention to your Sleeping Position

  • During the 5th month of gestation, you may feel tired and complain of back pains. This will happen if you sleep on your back for a long time.
  • Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides and not to lie flat on their backs for too long. Researchers suggest that sleeping on the left side can improve blood flow in the body and to the fetus.
  • You can use pillows to raise your head, this will help in preventing heartburn.
  • Join yoga or meditation classes to remain stress-free.
  • Follow up with your gynecologists’ regularly and have your anomaly and ultrasound scans to check the progress of your baby’s growth.

Month 6 – Exercise Regularly

  • Go walking for at least 30 minutes daily, this will help to build stamina to deal with the tough labor.
  • Make exercise a part of your daily plans, doing regular back strengthening exercises can help in lessening the back pains.
  • Think thoroughly about your delivery options, fix a specific ob-gyn and clarify your doubts and expectations in advance.
  • Apply for your maternity leave and delegate your jobs beforehand, this will ensure a smooth transition away from, and back to, work

Month 7 – Enjoy your Baby Shower

  • Indians have a special tradition in which the expecting mother is blessed by the elders by putting glass bangles on her hand. It is a belief that the baby can know the presence of the mother by hearing the noise made by the bangles.
  • The baby shower is celebrated by family and friends in other cultures too, people bring gifts for both mother and baby. But in India, it is considered inauspicious to buy clothes or gifts for the unborn baby. So, gifts are only for the would-be mothers!
  • The love and support from their family and friends create a positive impact and boost their confidence.
  • Make sure to eat healthy foods and rest well during this 3rd trimester.

Month 8 – Read to Gather Knowledge

  • Reading pregnancy-related books and new born baby guides can help you to gain knowledge on what to expect. This will help you not to get panic in the infamous labor process.
  • You will start seeing stretch marks this month. Drinking lots of water and fluids and stay hydrated to reduce the growth of stretch marks. You can also lubricate your skin by using coconut oil.
  • Your feet may get swollen during this month. Do not stand for a long period and rest as much as you can.
  • Decide a place for your new-born and their things like a crib, toys, clothes, etc.,

Month 9 – Prepare for Labor

  • Finish packing your hospital bag. Do not forget the clothes, toiletries, and cell phone chargers.
  • Get help from your friends and family to provide you with food or any other support you require in emergencies.
  • You can go into labor at any time from now, so make plans for your other kids or pets and decide who will take care of them when you’re in the hospital.
  • Be relaxed and wait for the big moment to receive the little one safely into this world.

Message from Bliss Naturals:

With these pregnancy tips, your journey of nine months will feel like a breeze. Enjoy this wonderful time where you get treated like a queen and do not worry about anything else. You are not going to be pregnant forever, so accept the physical and mental changes and relish the memories to share them with your little one. Our warm wishes to your family and the baby. Happy parenting!

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