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Is Travelling Harmful to Your Period?

Periods are uncomfortable enough without the added annoyance of getting them while travelling. Women have been menstruating since the dawn of time, and with a little preparation and planning ahead, you won’t have to worry about changing your travel dates or cancelling a trip altogether just because it’s “that time of the month”!

You should bring menstrual items with you

Your go-to period product is the most important item to bring when travelling. Make sure you have plenty of it (or just remember to bring your menstrual cup if you use one) so you don’t have to dash around looking for period supplies at the last minute in another area.

Pads – In India, sanitary pads are the most often used period product. However, by disposing of synthetic pads, you will be affecting the environment much more. Furthermore, when travelling, you may not always have access to adequate disposal options, which can add to the environmental load. For a nearly fully biodegradable option, choose natural pads like our Eco-Conscious Sanitary Pads.

On a trip, you’ll also be moving around more, which, if you’re prone to rashes during your period, might worsen them even more owing to the additional friction. Try our Delicate Sanitary Pads, which are specially developed to protect sensitive skin from rashes and are also more biodegradable than traditional pads.

Tampons – Tampons are a terrific alternative if you prefer insertion-based period products because of the increased comfort they bring, and if your travel plan includes activities like hiking, swimming, and the like. They not only give you additional mobility and flexibility, but they also keep you dry and comfortable. However, make sure to change them every 8 hours (or depending on your flow) to minimize leaking and toxic shock syndrome, which is an uncommon but dangerous condition (TSS).

Menstrual Cups – Due to their maximum hours of wear (12 hours), comfort level once inserted correctly, and the fact that cups are not needed to be disposed of, these are by far the most comfortable travel option when it comes to bleeding on your vacation. In addition, while wearing the cup, you are free to do whatever you want.

Other items to bring with you if you’re going on a trip

Apart from your period requirements, there are a few more items you should bring with you on your trip to ensure complete comfort.

Panty linersYou can use panty liners on the last day or two of your period if your flow is exceedingly weak or unpredictable. They’re also useful for dealing with the discharge that comes with your menstruation. The Bliss Panty Liner is a terrific option for comfy panty liners. You will never feel like you are wearing anything because they are so thin and light. They’re also fully safe and created from natural substances.

Cramp relief patches – The cramps that accompany a steady stream of flowing blood through your vagina are the most irritating thing about it. Carrying hot water bottles is cumbersome, and electric heating patches don’t operate without access to electricity.

Options for disposal –  It’s a pain to look for disposal choices when you’re using disposable period products like tampons and pads that don’t come with disposal bags, especially when you’re travelling. Keep newspapers or other options available to dispose of your period products safely.

Painkillers – If your cramps are severe, or if you have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), endometriosis, or other diseases that can cause horrible cramps, keep some pain medicines on hand.

What type of clothing should you bring?

Of course, you want to look your best while travel, and there are so many different styles to select from thanks to ever-changing fashion trends. When you’re having your period, loose and comfy clothing is excellent because it’s easier to manage if you need to change your period wear outside.

Also, bring extra bottoms and pants because you can leak, and it’s no fun to wear unclean underwear or clothes, not to mention the discomfort.

Should you think about delaying your periods?

While it is not always ideal, if you feel compelled to do so, if you believe your periods will have a significant impact on your journey, then go for it. If you’re on birth control, don’t skip it for 5 days and instead opt for one of the many continuous birth control tablets on the market that don’t require you to go through a placebo phase.

Hormonal drugs that operate especially to delay your periods are also available, but they may have side effects. Always with your doctor before using any kind of medication.

Finally, you might try some natural methods to postpone your periods and see if they work.

Is It True That Travelling Affects Your Period?

Travel can cause a lot of anxiety or stress, which can impact your hormones. This can cause periods to be delayed. Furthermore, fluctuations in your flow might be caused by varying air pressure while flying. Significant time-zone and dietary changes can also have an impact on your cycle. So keep these in mind when you plan your trip and try to avoid unnecessary stress.

Tips on how to properly manage your period when travelling

If you are not careful, vacations can drastically disturb your typical pattern and cause havoc with your system. Here are a few pointers to help you better manage your period and make it as painless as possible.

Keep an eye on your nutrition – It’s easy to give in to your hunger, especially when there’s so much fresh food to taste in a new area. Of course, you can’t entirely avoid attempting anything slightly harmful, but you can limit yourself to some level to avoid unpleasant symptoms like cramps, bloating, and mood swings. In whatever you eat, try to choose fresh meals over processed foods.

Make sure you get some exercise – You may believe that travelling is enough exercise, but if you want to keep your flow at a healthy level, preserve your energy, and avoid cramps, you should at least catch up on a few yoga postures.

Masturbation or sex are two options – Orgasms might help to relieve cramps and headaches. To relieve the pain, try masturbating or, if that’s not an option, have period sex, which has a lot of advantages. If you don’t intend to conceive, make sure to use protection because it’s still possible to become pregnant even if you’re bleeding.

Get enough sleep – It’s critical to give your body adequate rest, especially if you’re losing blood at the same time. It also aids in the management of your symptoms and the improvement of your overall health.

Limit your alcohol consumption – While drinking may be part of your travel plans, do it in moderation because alcohol has been shown to boost oestrogen and testosterone levels in the body, worsening PMS symptoms that you may be experiencing while bleeding.


While bleeding while on vacation may not be on your bucket list, it is not hard to control and have a stress-free holiday. Simply maintain some kind of discipline and pack your essentials, and you’ll be OK!

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