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How to Make your partner feel better during her period ?

Periods are already considered taboo in our culture, making every lady even more annoyed! Let’s not add to that irritability, because that would almost likely backfire, and blaming it on our PMS-ing isn’t going to help us relax. Here are some suggestions for making your partner feel better during her period.

Be Considerate and Comforting:

Don’t push her into intimacy if you feel even the least sign of unease. This will irritate and offend her, as well as paint you as a selfish person. Respect her feelings and be respectful of them. Allow her to unwind by giving her a massage or a warm hug. Even a gentle arm rub could make her feel better and show you care.

Put Her Period In Your Calendar:

When our partner remembers our PMS-ing date and is considerate of our periods, we are overjoyed. It indicates your affection for us and how much you care about us. If your girl has a regular cycle, she’d love it if you could keep track of it and be ready with whatever she’d like throughout that time. If you could just take the first two days off and spend time with her to console her, that would be a huge plus for her.

Prepare Food for Her:

Losing blood and feeling bloated can be exhausting. It can, however, deplete a woman’s vitality to the point of being unable to prepare a meal. One of the nicest things you can do for her is to prepare her favorite dishes and to keep her hydrated. When a woman is on her period, she may have strange desires. Discover what she desires and provide it for her. It will not only make her feel special, but it will also give her a sense of security.

Watch a Movie With Her:

Sitting at home doing nothing will simply bring her attention to the pain she’s in or her mood swings, so it’s better if you divert her attention to the activities she enjoys. Watch a movie with her for the purpose of her hormones and happiness.

A great tip is to watch a lighthearted comedy film rather than a love film, as the latter may cause her to cry even more.

Massage And Cuddles:

If you can give your spouse a foot massage, hand massage, or back massage, she will love you even more because it will relieve her pain and improve her blood circulation. If she’s sobbing for no apparent reason, or even if she’s smiling, cuddle her. Simply hold her to make her feel secure and safe in the midst of the mayhem her body is causing.

Avoid Telling Her Anything That Can Irritate Her:

Because she’s cranky, irritated, in a poor mood, or has extreme mood swings, you don’t have to tell her she’s irritable, annoyed, in a bad mood, or has severe mood swings. Your girlfriend will believe that you are blaming her and that you are unconcerned about her feelings. Women lose control of their emotions during their ‘period,’ which is a natural process. Blaming her will just make her more enraged or aggressive, and it might even make her cry.

Make Her Feel Loved And Appreciated

Make it clear to her how grateful you are to having her in your life. Tell her how wonderful she is as a friend, girlfriend, or wife. Call her cellphone, work phone, or email her if she’s at work or away from you, and tell her how lovely, sweet, and all-around amazing she is. It’s hard to put into words how great it is for someone to do this. If she’s irritated and snappy as a result of her mood fluctuations, don’t go overboard. Here are some expert workout suggestions for that time of the month.

Be There For Her:

When she wants to lean on you, hold her. Allowing her to sleep in your arms can make her feel at ease. Being present and nice is enough to make anyone feel better. Make her understand that you will be there for her in good times and bad. Only engage in some foreplay to calm her down if she is okay with it. But if she wants some privacy and to be left alone, allow her to have it. Have you started your period early? This could be the case.

Don’t Act Disgusted:

Demonstrate to her that the mere mention of her monthly cycle does not repulse you, even if you are first uncomfortable with it. If she tries to talk to you about it, make no faces or say, “Go talk to one of your friends.” This only gives her the impression that you don’t care about her feelings. Your readiness to assist her with errands is another feature of this period. While you’re at it, get her whatever she needs (sanitary items are considered “female stuff”), as well as some chocolate or her favorite magazine! It will give her the impression that you care about her well-being.

Just remember that when she’s on her period, it’ll just be for a couple of days. Treat her like a queen for the next few days, and attempt to do so with a grin on your face. She’ll remember how lovely you were to her back then, and that’s always a good thing in any relationship.