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Sanitary Napkins-How to choose the right ?

How to choose the right Sanitary Napkin | Bliss pads
How to choose the right Sanitary Napkin | Bliss pads

Before we decide to buy, we research a lot. Whether we want to buy sarees, handbags, shoes, or groceries we take our time to find the right thing that will be best suited for our skin type, body size, and health.

But when it comes to buying sanitary napkins, do we do the same? Most of us just buy sanitary napkins based on mere assumptions and the popularity of the brand.

But are you really sure that you are making the right choice? Do you consider the following points before you decide on purchasing the sanitary pad?

Every one of us has different menstrual experiences. Our skin type, period blood flow, and lifestyle are the factors that we should reflect upon before choosing sanitary pads.

We have to check whether the sanitary pad that we choose is a good absorbent and provides a leak-free experience.

It also should be very comfortable for your skin and we have to ensure that the pad does not cause any irritation, itchiness, or allergy.

Following are some of the important points which help you to decide on choosing the right sanitary napkin;

Based On Skin Type:

A lot of women think that all the sanitary napkins are made of the same materials and do not give importance to studying whether that material would be appropriate for her skin type.

Not all pads which feel soft and smooth are good for your skin. In fact, many sanitary napkins come with a plastic-like top layer. This will cause rashes and skin infections and lead to skin diseases, if not taken care of at the right time. 

So always do some research on the materials used in the sanitary pad before you go on buying them. 

  • If you have a normal skin type, then cotton pads are good to go.
  • But if you have sensitive skin, then choose the organic sanitary pads which are completely made out of herbal ingredients.

There are so many herbal sanitary napkin brands are available in the market. Read reviews of other women and make sure that the product is genuine and suitable for your skin type before purchasing.

Check out Bliss Pads which are completely made out of plant fibres and are free from plastic.

 Bliss Pads are the organic and natural sanitary pads that give the best intimate protection for your precious skin at an affordable price!

Based On Blood flow:

Ideally, the sanitary pads should be able to lock your blood flow within their central core.

The blood flow is not the same for all days of the period. It varies from high to low.

So, How do we pick sanitary pads based on that?

  • For the first couple of days, the blood flow will be heavier. Hence, go for extra-long pads that offer high absorbency. 
  • From day three onwards the blood flow will be medium to low and hence regular pads work well.
  • There are special night pads that come with longer lengths and wider back to provide complete stain-free protection throughout the night.
  • Pantyliners come in handy during the start and also at the end of the period. Pantyliners are used for absorbing daily vaginal discharge and light menstrual spotting.

Based On Lifestyle:

Women are super busy with their day-to-day activities which may include household works, gyms, sports, and other lots of workloads.

Those super-women can choose heavy absorbing pads that are very long with winged protection. Wings help to secure the blood within the centre of the pad and hence give extra protection.

Now that we have understood how to choose the right sanitary pad, go ahead and shop according to your preferences.

Whatever the pad you choose, do not forget to change them once in six hours. Wash the vaginal area with warm water every time you use the restroom. 

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