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How does Pornography affect us- Is Porn Harmful?

How does pornography affect us | Bliss Blogs
How does pornography affect us | Bliss Blogs

Whether you deny it or not, Pornography belongs to the world from the beginning of mankind. There are many paintings and sculptures which depict the existence of pornography in ancient Indian culture. People across the world speak different languages, eat different foods, follow different cultures, but when it comes to porn, people from all the countries watch it, Period!

Despite being seen by millions of people, porn is considered a malignant threat to society’s well-being. To reduce the number of sexual crimes that are rapidly increasing, in 2018, the Indian government posed its second ban on pornography sites especially those that involve children in the sexual act. 

But, why do people resort to porn in the first place?

  • A lot of modern couples choose to watch sexually explicit videos to spice up their boring sex encounters and master new ways to pleasure their partner.
  • Because people are unwilling to engage in sexually related conversations, young adults search for their answers in pornography.
  • Due to the fear of being judged, many take refuge in porn instead of coming out explicitly about their sexual preferences.
  • With pornography, one no longer needs a partner to make them feel good. People watch porn to provide sexual relief through self-love.

People see porn to discover different ways of making love, but have you ever wondered whether the content shown in pornography is a fact or fantasy. When people try to apply this porn fantasy to real life, they hit a bump instead of pleasure.

Watching porn changes the way of our usual thinking and will eventually become a habitual practice that leads to trouble in facing the reality, boredom, desensitization, objectification of women, and an increase in sex crimes.

Sexual Violence

In 2018, four schoolboys’ gang-raped a 16-year-old girl after luring her to a storeroom in the name of Independence Day preparations for their school. When investigated, one of the boys exposed that the idea of rape came to him after watching similar porn on his mobile phone. This triggered the High Court to suggest curbs on pornographic sites to avoid bad influence on the minds of children, followed by the porn ban implemented by the Indian government.

Not all the people watching porn are involved in sex crimes, but we also cannot deny the fact porn can be a catalyst for the violent sexual behaviours that are rising in the current scenarios.

Sexual Satisfaction

Reports say that couples watching porn together are more dedicated and sexually satisfied in their relationship, compared to those who watch it alone. If your partner is not open to the idea of fantasy sex, then compelling them to do so would trigger their insecurities as they might think that you fall more to the perfect porn star’s body. This would cause a drift in your lovely relationship and to always feel less satisfied in the act of love.


Among all the negative effects of watching porn, sex addiction stands at the top of the list. Some people get too stuck in that made-up world leading to an obsession with sexual thoughts, urges, or behaviours that cause troubles or distress, negatively affecting their job, relationships, and other aspects of life. People who are addicts seek to watch sexually explicit videos because they want it, rather than because they enjoy it. Porn acts as a component in sex addiction, but whether porn itself causes addiction is not yet proven.

Attitude Towards Women

In most porn videos women are portrayed as some sex objects which fuel sexist attitudes and set unrealistic sexual expectations. Increased porn consumption can lead to negative attitudes toward women including stereotypes, hostility, and abuses.

How does COVID-19 Influence Pornography Use?

Despite the ban on pornography by the Indian government, the Covid-19 curfew saw the highest spike in porn watching. India is the third biggest porn watching nation after the US and UK. Reports state that of the total traffic porn sites from India, 30 percent of them were women.

 The quarantine posed previously unseen levels of financial challenges, separation from loved ones. Whether it was because of the lack of physical company or just the need to blow off some steam, many people accessed the porn sites. People sought sexually explicit videos to reduce the stress of loneliness and to deal with the anxiety and depression caused by COVID-19.

Also, researchers say that they found no evidence that porn led to any problematic deeds, such as addictive, compulsive, risky, or unhealthy behaviours in this pandemic period.

Message from Bliss Natural

The likelihood of porn having a negative effect on life very much depends on the individual consuming it. If you find no control over your porn use, or your sexual expectations become unrealistic, seek help from a qualified sex therapist to manage the porn consumption in your life, before it starts affecting your work or relationships.

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