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Excessive Body Heat in Women – How to Lower Body Heat?

Excessive Body Heat in Women

What is the usual temperature range for female body heat?

The ability of the body to generate and eliminate surplus heat is measured by its temperature. A female’s body temperature is usually 98.6°F, whereas an adult’s temperature is usually between 97.8°F and 99.0°F.

Your hypothalamus and autonomic nerve system keep your body temperature fluctuating between one and two degrees above normal. However, under certain situations, your body temperature may rise, resulting in a condition known as heat stress.

Causes of a woman’s internal heat

Excess heat generation in the body can be caused by a number of circumstances, including:

Dehydration – A lack of water in your system might prevent your body from producing sweat, which works as a natural cooling mechanism.

The sun’s rays – Overexposure to the sun can cause your body to overheat and potentially lead to serious ailments.

Overexertion – Overworking or exercising too much can excite your muscles and boost blood circulation, resulting in an increase in body temperature.

Hyperthyroidism – Thyroid hormones are produced in excess in this illness, reducing your body’s ability to cool itself. Excess thyroid can also cause fat deposition, which causes the body to generate extra heat.

These two can induce an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which can raise your body temperature, and it’s even worse if they’re combined.

Caffeine and alcohol consumption – These two can induce an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which can raise your body temperature, and it’s even worse if they’re combined.

Flashes of heat – You may get hot flashes during or after menopause, which are sudden increases in body temperature that cause a wave of heat to travel through your body.

How can I lower my body’s internal temperature?

The following solutions can help you control your body’s excessive heat production and efficiently chill you down.

1.  Coconut water to drink

Drinking tender coconut water is an excellent approach to reduce your body’s heat. It contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that aid to soothe your internal organs while also re-energizing you.

2. Consume hydrating meals

You can lower your temperature by eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content. Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are all hydrating fruits.

Cucumber, bitter gourd, celery, and cauliflower are some vegetables to try. They will lower your body temperature and make you feel invigorated.

3. Aloe vera gel should be used

Aloe vera is a fantastic cooling agent that may be applied physically or consumed internally. After showering, apply the raw plant gel or a pure processed store-bought gel to chill down your tissues from within. They also include important vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to your health.

4. Put on some loose garments

Wear loose, natural textiles that wick sweat away, such as cotton and linen. Tight clothing retains moisture inside the body, allowing you to retain more heat. In hot weather, it’s better to avoid them and instead wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing.

5. Tea with peppermint

Peppermint contains a significant amount of menthol, which acts as a cooling agent and reduces body heat. To lower your temperature, add peppermint to iced or hot tea and consume it numerous times throughout the day. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, a hot drink might actually assist you in sweating out the heat.

6. Drinking water

Drinking cool water might help you cool down by breaking the heat inside your body. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain a healthy body temperature and avoid dehydration.

7. Apply sandalwood to your entire body

Sandalwood, in powder or paste form, is another excellent natural cure for bringing your temperature back to normal. Sandalwood-infused products are available, but the raw material works best. If you have the means, apply sandalwood to your entire body or just your face to cool your body from the inside out.

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