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Breast Sagging — Things that every woman must know

Breast sagging | Things that every women must k now | Bliss Blogs

The breast sagging is a common condition in women. The change in women’s breasts is a natural process, but it can lower their self-confidence. It is an upsetting thing for them as it impacts the way they look and their beauty.

Breast Sagging is also called Breast Ptosis. Women always long for perky breasts, but the sad truth is that sagging is just part of life.  

There are so many misconceptions about the factors that cause breast sagging. Continue reading to find out the real causes, ways to prevent, and how you can deal with drooping breasts.

Causes of Breast Sagging

Female breasts consist of ligaments called Cooper’s Ligaments. These ligaments are responsible for lifting and supporting the breasts. But due to many factors, these ligaments can stretch out, resulting in saggy breasts.


Aging is one of the main reasons for breast sagging, and unfortunately, no woman can escape from it. When a woman grows older, the breast tissue loses its elasticity which causes the ligaments to stretch out and leading to wrinkled, saggy, and deflated breasts.


During the menopause stage, a woman’s body undergoes many hormonal changes. The female reproductive hormone estrogen will stop secreting, which impacts the elasticity of the breast skin. Thus, the effects of saggy breasts are more evident during the menopause period.


Smoking is not only bad for the lungs, but it is also bad for the breasts. The cigarettes contain carcinogens that are responsible for the breakdown of elastin fibers. When these fibers break down, the elasticity of the skin loosens throughout the body. Because of this, the breasts become saggy.


The gravitational force works like a charm and constantly pulls the breasts downwards. So, the breasts start to droop easily over time. The gravity work, without any partiality on both smaller and larger breasts, but larger breasts tend to wilt simply due to the higher mass.

Weight Loss or Gain

Sudden weight loss or gain is another reason for saggy breasts. Variations in body weight can cause the breast tissues to stretch and reducing the elasticity of its skin. Hence the result is hanging and wrinkled breasts.

Wearing Unfit Bras

Wearing bras that are not a perfect fit and do not support your boobs properly can be a major reason for breast drooping. Unnecessary stress on the breast tissue can break the elastin fibers leading to sagging breasts.

Does Breastfeeding cause Breast Sag?

Even though World Breastfeeding Week is observed from 1 August to August 7 of every year, misconceptions around breastfeeding still exist. The fact is that breastfeeding doesn’t cause breast sagging, whereas pregnancy is the culprit here. A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy to prepare her breasts for breastfeeding by enlarging them. Once the baby is born the breasts are filled with milk, stretching the skin even bigger. After the nursing period is over, the breast becomes empty and it may return to the original size, or remain big, or it may even become smaller. When the breasts are dried up, because of the shrinking the breasts may appear shapeless and floppy. 

These developments occur even if you are not breastfeeding, the more times you get pregnant, the droopier your breasts will become. Hence, your decision on whether to breastfeed or not breastfeed doesn’t impact breast sagging.

Treatment for Breast Sagging

The most common method for treating saggy breasts is surgery. Plastic surgeries have become more generic these days, and the surgeons use the Regnault Classification method to measure the level of ptosis, based on which they recommend different surgical interventions. Some of the popular surgical procedures are:

  • Breast Lift
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Mastectomy

Ways to Prevent Saggy breasts

There are no proven ways to prevent breast sagging. As various factors influence this condition, breast sagging can never be completely avoided. But you can try some tips, which can improve the firmness of breasts, and reduce the risk of saggy breasts.

  • Maintain a Proper Healthy Weight – Always maintain a constant healthy weight by including a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Avoid losing or rapidly gaining weight. This will help you to prevent your breasts from sagging.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking triggers the breast ligaments to break, causing the breast to lose its firmness. So, to avoid accelerating your aging process and breast sagging, stop smoking.
  • Hormone Supplements – The level of estrogen can be increased with the help of supplements. But, make sure you get a proper hormone test and doctor’s consultation to avoid unnecessary complications.  
  • Think Before You Conceive – Multiple pregnancies can take a toll on your breast tissues. If you decide that firm breasts are greater than developing your family, then rethink before you get pregnant.
  • Comfortable And Well-Fitting Bras – The unfit bras can cause adverse effects on sagging than not wearing a bra at all. So, choose a well-fit bra, especially when you do workouts and jogging. Sports bras with proper support can restrict breast movement and reduce the tensions on the breast tissues.

Do Workouts Prevent Sagging?

Exercises have no impact on your breasts because breasts are not made up of muscles. Instead, you can work on the pectoral muscles which are present underneath your breasts. Workouts like push-ups, chest presses, and butterfly curls can enhance the appearance of your chest and increase your overall health.

Message from Bliss Naturals

Breast Sagging is inevitable, so accepting the changes in your breasts is the best way to make peace with your mind. What you see in media, TV, or magazines are unrealistic, photoshopped, and fake images. Comparing your natural looks with those unlikely aspects is futile. Be thankful and happy for the great things for which your breasts are responsible. Have a healthy diet, maintain a proper body mass, and exercise regularly to preserve your overall well-being. A healthy lifestyle will improve your breast health along the way.