Breast pain during periods- Simple Ways to Manage

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Sore breasts and your Menstrual cycle: Cause and Remedies

Some women may also feel pain during their periods. You may ponder, “Why the hell this breast pain should be an addition to the already undergoing menstrual abdominal pain and discomfort?”

Ten days before the period, when the ovulation starts, some women may experience discomfort or tenderness in one or both of their breasts. This pain may continue until the start of the menstrual cycle.

Some women may also feel pain during their periods. You may ponder, “Why the hell this breast pain should be an addition to the already undergoing menstrual abdominal pain and discomfort?”

We try to find the cause and solution for this frequent grief right here.

What is the main reason for sore breasts? Are there any remedies that can ease and reduce your swelling and pain? We hope you find some relief by the end of this article.

Breast Pain and the period

Breast pain associated with the menstrual cycle is called Cyclic Mastalgia. Cyclic Mastalgia may be a part of the group of symptoms that cause Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS), or it can be a sign of Fibrocystic Breast disease.

Fibrocystic breast disease is a condition in which women may experience pain and lumpy breasts during their periods. These lumps are usually non-cancerous and disappear once the period ends.

We always think that any discomfort or pain in our breasts is a sign of Breast Cancer. But it is not true. Breast pains are more often related to the menstrual cycle and very rarely associated with breast cancer. The aching may range from slight discomfort to severely disabling pain in some women.

The pain may be felt in one or both breasts. Some women experience radiating feeling in the underarm area.

The swelling or pain will begin in the luteal(ovulation) phase of the menstrual cycle or on the first day of the period and gradually fades away before the end of the period. Cyclic Mastalgia always occurs at the same time of each menstrual cycle, and with certain symptoms.

To find out whether it is cyclical or not, doctors suggest women record their breast pain episodes in a chart.


The possible explanation by the researchers is that Cyclic Mastalgia is caused due to fluctuating levels in the female reproductive hormones oestrogen and progesterone. In the second half of the menstrual cycle, the rise in the levels of these hormones causes the breast ducts to enlarge and the milk glands to swell.

Some theories suggest that the lactating hormone called Prolactin is also associated with Mastalgia. Even if women are not lactating the abnormality in this hormone may cause sore breast and tenderness.

But some researchers trust that hormonal changes cannot be a complete answer to this problem. Because hormones would affect both the breasts in an equal manner, but most women complained more pain one breast than the other.

So, they suggest that the reason might be the combination of hormonal fluctuations along with the reaction of breast cells to these changes. Women may also experience breast pain due to the stress caused by their lifestyle choices. 


Following are some of the recommendations you can try on your own to prevent and alleviate breast pain during your menstruation:

Try Using A Support Bra

You won’t believe that most women are wearing bras of the wrong size. Choose a well-fitting support bra with a soft cup, this reduces bouncing and swaying which in turn will decrease the pain. Never push your swollen breasts in your usual bra. Your usual bra might be very tight and uncomfortable for your aching breasts.

Think About Camisoles

Women with small breasts may feel good without a bra. They can consider camisoles that provide support without the restraint of a bra. A sports bra might also be a good option for them to find comfort in their breasts.

Say No To Caffeine

There aren’t many explanations for this theory, but many women say that reducing the caffeine intake in their daily lives have made a big difference. Caffeine is not only present in coffee, tea, soft drinks but also in chocolates. (I can hear you cry!)

Relieve Yourself With Hot or Cold Packs

Using a towel or soft cloth apply a hot or cold pack on to your breast skin. Do this for only fifteen to twenty minutes at a time. Repeat after some time if you continue having discomfort. This will help in alleviating sore breast and tenderness.

Include Nutrient-Rich Diet

Reduce the intake of meat, rice and go for a variety of nutrient abundant foods such as peanuts, spinach, corn/olive oil, carrots, bananas, and other healthy whole grains. Avoid alcohol and reduce salt to reduce water retention.

Take Vitamin Or Herb Supplements

Some doctors may prescribe some supplements like Vitamin E, or Vitamin B6, or evening primrose oil for Cyclic Mastalgia. There is no scientific evidence for this remedy, so make sure to discuss your allergies or any other health-related problems to prevent any side effects.

Relax And Do Not Worry:

Stress can always boost your pain. Try reducing your stress levels by doing meditation, yoga, or gentle exercises. Sometimes getting yourself soaked in a hot tub can make you feel relaxed.

When To Consult A Doctor?

While the sore and tender breasts caused by Cyclic Mastalgia are not worrisome and harmful, contact your physician if you have any of the following abnormal conditions:

  • if you notice any new or unusual lumps in your breasts or underarm.
  • strange bad-smelling brown or bloody discharge from your nipples.
  • if your pain is so severe that you cannot concentrate in your daily routine.
  • when you find lumps in only one of the breasts.
  • signs of infection such as redness, itching, or fever.

Doctors will do a physical breast examination and prescribe some medications for your Cyclic Mastalgia.

In case of abnormalities, they can also conduct a mammogram, or ultrasound or an MRI to detect any cancerous lumps.

Message from Bliss Pads

Cyclic Mastalgia can be easily taken care of with proper home care and medications. Any concerns or worsening symptoms should be immediately brought to your physician’s attention to avoid any complications.

Not all breast pains are caused by Breast Cancer. So, women worry not and relax yourselves!

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