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Breast Care – Why do women have breasts?

Breast Care - Why do women have breast | Bliss Blogs
Breast Care - Why do women have breast | Bliss Blogs

There are a lot of names for breast clearly our society is somewhat obsessed. we’re the only species to have breasts that develop during puberty and remain with us for the rest of our lives.

  • Airbags
  • Boobs
  • Chest butts
  • Dairy pillows
  • Eggplants
  • Flappers
  • Hubcups
  • Knockers
  • Love mellons
  • Moo Moos
  • Nose Cones
  • Pointer-Sisters
  • Tits

Researchers have long been perplexed by this phenomenon asking the question,

Why do women have breasts?

One idea is that breasts are courtship device women with larger breasts advertise being healthy and fit mates who will in turn produce fit offspring.

This is the basic idea of sexual selection however in a study where men were shown images of breasts and asked to rate their attractiveness men actually preferred medium size breasts to larger ones and many men preferred little breasts not to mention.

That breast size doesn’t correlate with your ability to breastfeed so that hypothesis doesn’t really pan out another idea is that our areolas the pigmented skin around our nipple signifies to mate our age areolas darkened during and after pregnancy.

So mates would select partners with a paler pair again this hypothesis falls short and that men list a variety of colours as their favourite type and It mean really it’s staring at someone’s areolas the only way you’re going to tell how old a person is the whole idea that we have breasts so that men can choose us is kind of wack.

What about the benefit?

They provide to us in our early evolution having those extra fat stores offered us the opportunity to survive or feed our children and what about that press they exist for feeding children.

Being a mammal is amazing, the word mammal comes from “mammary gland” and it is this feature that has allowed mammals to be so successful here on earth we don’t have to worry about providing our young with easily digestible food.

Because we just created ourselves and having breasts that aren’t attached to our ribs like a gorilla. But are instead pendulous makes it easy for a baby to latch on yes breasts are amazing and yes guys love them but with such emphasis on why men love breasts and what the ideal breasts for men are we’re missing a really cool part of the big picture men aren’t the only ones who love breasts queer women straight woman babies everyone loves breasts, I love my friends boobs, I love my boobs, I love her boobs regardless of why we have breasts big or small breasts are amazing.

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