Our Story

You deserve to have a happy period and to be well treated by your napkin!
Don’t you think so? 

Bliss Pads is a Sanitary Napkin Brand that is more focussed on the hygiene, usability, and comfort part rather than any other aspects of it. Our product is completely made of plant fibers and is free from plastic. Never the less, your skin is the most precious and adorned part of your body, and keeping it happy and protected in all means is a must. Before choosing your Napkin, ask yourself these questions

 Does the Napkin have a soft behavior?

 Is it rough on either side? (meaning, completely satisfied?))  

And, remember! The answer should be NO.

Our journey was actually not towards creating a Sanitary Napkin Brand!

It was for our final year research project and we were given Kenaf. At first, we came up with a piece of sustainable fabric out of Kenaf, and then we thought “Why not Sanitary Napkins if the fabric is sustainable?” This idea fuelled us with all the confidence we needed to make it a Brand that is beneficial to women’s hygiene and society

It’s High Time That
We Change The Way It Is!

Every year, we dispose 1,13,000 tons of sanitary napkins and that is a huge measure! In a world where the right to awareness and exercise is happening at its best, the graph of women using sanitary napkins has gradually shown its rise.
Note: Can show it in an infographic: 2011 & 2016 statistics. Ultimately there is an increased wastage and usage of plastic due to less awareness and availability of organic products.

Just Kenaf and
Nothing Extra!

Our product is made of “Kenaf” fibers and nothing else. Kenaf fibers are known for their strong absorbent quality, anti-microbial, and very resistant to mildew and rot. Also, we have made sure to not add any deodorant to “Bliss Pads 

Let’s meet the Man behind the Idea & the Woman behind Execution

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